Designing suitable vacuum solutions for solar cell manufacture is one of the great challenges to the manufacturers of vacuum pumps.

From silicon crystal pulling, to the production of solar cells, to the lamination of solar modules – these manufacturing processes are not possible without vacuum. Indifferent if crystalline or thin film coating is concerned – a tailor made vacuum solution is a key factor in photo-voltaic production. The production of solar cells requires careful matching of the vacuum system to the application in respect to the reliability, material compatibility and in most cases also safety; this is only possible through the reliance on carefully selected and flexible pump technologies.

Comprehensive application knowhow and detailed process experience is always the key to the development of a successful vacuum solution. The complexity of these process challenges will increase further over the next years since production processes are subject to constant change and because there is a limited knowledge about the effects on the vacuum pumps on the part of the operator. Continuous product adaptation to changing process conditions is essential in order to reduce costs in the long-term and increase the reliability of the production systems .